How do you turn a camera into a taser?

Answer It is very very easy. First make sure the film is at 0 photos left. For Kodak brands, once all the photos are used, it automatically becomes sealed so you can take the camera apart without damaging... Read More »

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How can i turn my digital camera into a webcam?

How can i turn my video from my camera into a picture?

Search "screenshot maker freeware" on Yahoo! or Google, and download one. Play your video on the computer, and pause it when you want that picture. Open the screenshot maker, and select the area of... Read More »

How to Turn a Sony Video Camera Into a Webcam?

If you would like to join the millions of other Internet users that engage in live video chat sessions with colleagues, friends and relatives, you will need a web camera capable of streaming live v... Read More »

I heard u can make a taser out of a desposble camera.?

It's possible as there is a small capacitor in the camera that holds a high charge of voltage at relatively low amperage (I believe).Don't get too crazy with this until you actually check the schem... Read More »