How do you turn a boy into a frog?

Answer it's really imposible it's just in the movies It's impossible!

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How long dose a tadpole take to grow into a frog?

According to Ohio History Central, it takes between 12 and 16 weeks for a tadpole to become a frog. Young frogs spend about nine weeks as tadpoles before becoming froglets. Froglets look like adult... Read More »

Does sunburn turn later turn into a tan?

No! That is a common misconception! Actually your sunburn is healing, and the tan healthy skin underneath is what you are seeing. Overexposure of any kind is very unhealthy and increases your ch... Read More »

On Ally McBeal what was the name of the frog Nell gave John when his frog died?

Frog problem : we have a pond in front garden but one frog insists in sitting at back door at night.?

Frogs return to the water to mate. The rest of the time, they hunt for prey on lawns and in flower borders. They especially like slugs and worms, which you don't find in ponds.Solution : position p... Read More »