How to Tune Your Drums?

Answer Knowing how to properly tune your drums is vital to having a great sounding drum kit. Even if you are a novice drummer, having a well tuned drum kit will make you stand out above the rest. This is ... Read More »

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How to Tune Drums for Metal?

The drums play an important part in any metal band. In addition to providing a steady beat and rhythm, drummers provide power and energy, which can greatly add to the heaviness and feel of a metal ... Read More »

How to Tune Drums With a DrumDial?

Tuning drums has historically been an inexact task. Because most drums produce an indefinite pitch, they cannot be tuned to a specific note using a chromatic tuner. Furthermore, getting the drum in... Read More »

My friend is 12 years old and he wants to play the drums what drums should he start off with?

At 12 he will be big enough for an adult sized kit. There are many to choose from so can't really say what specific brands to look at without knowing what he can spend. But yeah, definitely a full ... Read More »

What is the difference between bongo drums&congo drums?

Bongos and congas are hand-played, open-ended drums from Cuba, with roots in African percussion. They have been used in Cuban popular music since the late 1800s. Despite some similarities, they are... Read More »