How to Tune a Guitar Using an Online Guitar Tuner?

Answer Learning to tune a guitar is a key skill required to be able to play the instrument well. Because the guitar has 6 strings (or 12 in some cases), a small inaccuracy in tuning between each string ca... Read More »

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How to Tune a Guitar Using a Seiko Guitar Tuner?

A Seiko guitar tuner or other electronic guitar tuner fine-tunes a guitar more accurately than tuning a guitar by ear. Electronic tuners sense and "read" the waveform of a vibrating string and aler... Read More »

How to Tune an Acoustic Guitar with Tune an Acoustic Guitar Online?

GuideWant to tune your acoustic guitar? This article will tell you how.

How to Tune a Guitar by Ear?

Chances are you're reading this article because you've just bought a guitar or you're learning how to play guitar.Tuning is the most basic and important part of playing guitar and mastering it is v... Read More »

How to Tune a Guitar?

If you want to be a guitar god, you need to have a properly tuned guitar. While there are electric tuners (or band assistants) to make the job effortless, a good musician must know how to tune his ... Read More »