How do you trim a ficus that was frozen?

Answer I wouldn't bother if it was frozen it is dead.

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How do I trim a potted ficus tree?

Trim no more than one-fourth of the volume of the potted ficus. If you are pruning a lot of the tree, trim the branches over time rather than all at once.Trim long branches back to where they meet ... Read More »

I have a ficus tree that is in a pot. It is short and I am wondering if I plant it in the ground will it grow?

YoYo,Do not plant it in the ground unless you live in zone 9 or further south.You can repot it into a larger container in the summer. Too cold for now.Just make sure to use a well drained soil. I ... Read More »

How to Unfreeze a Lock That Is Frozen From the Cold?

When the mercury plummets and winter winds howl, even the most basic mechanisms can fail. A lock with a keyhole exposed to cold and ice will often become frozen. When you insert a key into a frozen... Read More »

Best way to quickly thaw out steaks that are 1/2 frozen?

I always like to sit half frozen meat in a bowl full of really hot water. Keep the wrapping on of course and change out the water to keep it really hot. I find that microwaving it if you aren't sur... Read More »