How do you treat dog foot infection?

Answer If your dog is limping or chewing and licking his foot, he could have an infection. Several things could cause a foot infection, including an allergy. Determining the proper course of treatment cou... Read More »

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How do you treat a dog's foot infection?

A dog's feet face a lot of wear and tear and, unfortunately since they are always exposed to the elements, they can be subject to infections. There are a number of different causes of infection. A ... Read More »

How to Treat a Cat Ear Infection?

Bacteria, yeast, allergies and ear mites are the most common causes of ear infections in cats. If a cat is scratching at his ears and shaking his head, there's a good chance he has an infection. Ea... Read More »

How can you treat an ear infection?

Ear infections can cause pain not only in the ear canal, but can also produce other symptoms such as fever, sore throat, and respiratory problems. Fortunately there are a variety of ways--medicinal... Read More »

How to Treat a Cat With a Severe Gum Infection?

Cats who are suffering from a severe gum infection most likely have or are in the beginning stages of developing feline gingivitis (gum disease). Bad breath and red gums are both good indicators of... Read More »