How do you treat chemical sensitivities?

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What are chemical sensitivities?

Answer Chemical sensitivities are not allergies, in the accepted definition of an allergy as an antibody response by the immune system, but they can have many of the same outward symptoms such as l... Read More »

How do I treat a chemical burn?

Simple enough to treat :DRemove from the chemical (which you did ) Wash in copious amounts of water .. If it is still red and inflamed in am call your DR . Yes I know it is a holiday but they have ... Read More »

How to Treat a Chemical Burn?

Chemical burns can be caused by anything which gives a reaction to the skin - this can both be severe or mild. Different chemical burns should be treated differently. Before you treat a burn, using... Read More »

How to Treat Chemical Peel Scars?

When you have a chemical peel done, you sign a waiver acknowledging that you understand that there are side effects to the chemicals found in the peel. If you get a chemical peel done and develop s... Read More »