How do you treat burns?

Answer SUGAR.its a miracle treatment!SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR can't stress enough how much it works.Add a bit of water (only like a drop)

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How to Treat Electrical Burns?

Electrical burns occur when a person gets in contact with an electrical source such as grounded appliances, and the electricity passes through the person's body. The burns may vary from first to th... Read More »

How to Treat Burns in Infants?

Accidents are common in infants. More importantly burns, for the simple reason that children cannot realize the danger involved. Here are some first aid tips to treat burns!

How do you treat 1st degree burns?

1st degree burns are basically sunburns. Only the outer layer has been damaged and it's very easy to treat and recovers very well. The only thing about 1st degree burns, is that they can hurt much ... Read More »

How to Treat Minor Burns?

First degree and second degree burns that are fewer than three inches in diameter are generally considered minor burns.[1] These types of burns usually heal quickly with minimal care. Follow these ... Read More »