How do you treat burns?

Answer SUGAR.its a miracle treatment!SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR can't stress enough how much it works.Add a bit of water (only like a drop)

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How do you treat burns with a first aid kit?

First, run cold water over the burned area to stop the burning quickly. Apply ointment from the first aid kit and bandage loosely. Seek further medical attention if the victim is having trouble bre... Read More »

How do you treat 1st degree burns?

1st degree burns are basically sunburns. Only the outer layer has been damaged and it's very easy to treat and recovers very well. The only thing about 1st degree burns, is that they can hurt much ... Read More »

How to Treat Carpet Burns?

Carpet or rug burns are abrasions on the skin caused by friction against a rough surface. Carpet burns can range in severity from grazed skin that is pink in color to several layers missing skin, w... Read More »

How to Treat Burns in Children?

Have you ever burnt a part of your skin? Remember the pain right ? So what if your little kid just got burnt? How should you react to help it get over it quickly.Note: This article is about treati... Read More »