How do you treat a sick house plant with white sticky fluff on the leaves?

Answer To treat a sick house plant . cut off all the white stuff to make new growth. If this does not work your plant is dead.

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How should you care for a philodendron plant that has small dark sticky stuff on the stems leaves?

Answer wash all the leaves with a mild soap and some alchohol, repeat after a week and as nessecery

Why do plant varieties with erect leaves give higher crop yields than those with horizontal leaves?

With corn, the "erect" leaves allow the crop rows to be planted closer together. This generally leads to a greater yield per acre becase more plants can be planted per acre.

Why do indoor plant leaves turn white?

they turn white because there is no sunlight.the chloroplast gives the plants their color but without sunlight the chloroplast slowly in a way kinda fade and let other colors such as white show ins... Read More »

Why are the leaves dropping on my house plant?

Depending on the plant it could be either too much or too little water.