How do you treat a mild burn mine just wont stop burning.?

Answer Run cold water over the affected body part. Apply a cold pack to the area, this will help stop the burning process. Take ibuprofen to help reduce the inflammation and for pain relief. DO NOT apply ... Read More »

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How to Treat a Mild Burn?

Burns are one of the most common household injuries. Severe burns should be treated by a doctor, but mild burns can be treated at home.

How do I stop the burning from a burn to my fingers?

Keep it in cold water and purchase a product called burn aid or similiar is a topical ointment that takes the pain away.

How do you make a burn on your skin stop burning?

You must add toothpaste to neutralize the acidity

I Got make-up remover in my eye, and it wont stop burning! How can i make it stop?

STOP RUBBING! Rinse your eyes in water for 15 minutes. Close your eyes and try to relax as much as you can. Apply visine AFTER you have rinsed your eye. If it persists you need to get medical atten... Read More »