What is the best way to treat a 2nd degree burn at home?

Answer Treat burns in the following ways:Cool the burned area with moist, clean, cool cloths. Rinse with tap water, and clean with soap and water. Apply a layer of Silvadene cream ( silver sulfadiazine) m... Read More »

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How do you treat a burn with a first aid kit?

With any first aid situation, assess the scene make sure it is safe. Then start the primary survey as follows... ABC's: Airway Breathing Circulation Firstly, run the burn under cool water for ... Read More »

Will warm water blister a first degree burn?

What is the first thing to be concerned about as you prepare to treat any type of burn victim?

stopping the burning process identify the degree of the burn

I have a burn where the first layer of skin has come off but the second hasn't, how should I treat it?

Neosporin will help it heal quickly and without scarsthenMederma Scar gel when it is healed and there's a scar.