How do you treat a fingernail that has dried blood under it after your finger got slammed in a car door?

Answer Wearing a glove heat a pin til red and then press against the most bloodiest (darkest) area of the nail (do not push, it will burn through) yourr nail will make a small popping sound and the blood ... Read More »

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Slammed my finger in the door..........?

Need help, slammed finger in a car door?

Just get it checked out. You sound worried, so really just go.

I slammed my finger in the door. How do I get it to stop hurting?

applying an icepack to it will help reduce swelling.take motrin or tylenol (motrin works best b/c it also has an anti-inflammatory in it to help reduce swelling)for motrin: take 200-400mg every 6-8... Read More »

Slammed Finger! Help!?

Your nail got damaged and a new nail is to be grown. It will take two months to grow. Till then do not disturb the damaged nail.