How do you trasfer something to your phone?

Answer Yes; there is now malware available that looks like applications that you get from app stores that acts like a virus.

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How to Send Something to Your Phone?

Your mobile phone does more than send and receive phone calls. With your phone, you may use it to send and receive text messages. Depending on the type of mobile phone you may have, you may also re... Read More »

Can I upgrade my safelink phone to something not a tracfone like net 10 or virgin mobile or something?

Short answer: no.Longer answer: Safelink is a service of Tracfone Wireless, so you can only use a Safelink or Tracfone-branded phone on Safelink. Other carriers like Verizon et al. also offer the ... Read More »

Is it possible to trasfer all picture files and documents from one laptop to another?

There is several ways to handle this idea.1) Using a external hard drive/CDRW you copy all the data to it that you want to keep (programs see below). Then copy it to the new laptop.2) Purchase a 'c... Read More »

How to Pin Something to Start on Windows Phone 7?

Windows Phone 7 is Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system licensed by a number of OEMs for use as the primary operating system for smartphones and other similar mobile devices. Microsoft has ... Read More »