How do you transplant a wild strawberry?

Answer Berry carefully!Ok, but SERiously, folks: the MOST SUCCESSFUL transplants occur when the plant/tree in question is is in a dormant or semi-dormant state. For the very delicious strawberry, this occ... Read More »

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When is the best time to transplant strawberry plants?

Strawberry plants do best when transplanted in the early spring before new growth appears on their crowns. In the northern hemisphere, this is from late March through April. Keep the roots damp aft... Read More »

How do I transplant a wild cedar tree?

Identification and TaggingIn the spring or summertime, when the tree is in full leaf, mark a smallish cedar with paint so that you can find it again.Digging up the TransplantLocate the tagged tree ... Read More »

How do I transplant wild orange day lilies?

Dig up a clump of orange day lilies with a garden fork. Get as much of the roots and rhizomes as possible. Remove all grassy materials growing around the base of the lily. Place the clump in a shad... Read More »

How to Transplant Wild Water Lilies?

Water lilies are often chosen for their simple beauty and the minimal care they require. Wild water lilies grow very similar to domestic water lilies, except they are found growing naturally in pon... Read More »