How do you translate prune into Tamil?

Answer Ularthiya Palam

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I am looking for the best website to download tamil songs and tamil mp3 songs for free?

http://www.seekasong.comGreat selection - free.

A letter is drafted using Google transliterate/Tamil.How to change this Google font to any other Tamil font?

The letter drafted using the Google transliterate will be on unicode only.Google transliteration comes with four options (normal, normal/sherif , arial unicode MS, Latha) for Tamil transliterate .... Read More »

How do i use ms word in tamil?

Download a Tamil FontGo to a site that offers Tamil fonts (such as the Wazu Japan Gallery) and download and unzip the font that you want. You'll get a Tamil font file with a ".ttf" extension.Instal... Read More »

What is the Tamil name for Avena sativa?

The Tamil name for Avena sativa, known in English as "common oat," is "ots." The plant is primarily used as a cereal grain, but it is also used as a dietary supplement for a wide range of causes in... Read More »