How do you transfer videos from a VCR tape to a computer?

Answer You need a video card with a composite (video) input; you also need video editing software; then you play the videotape and record it onto the computer.I hope this helps. I got it from an IT geniu... Read More »

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How to Transfer Cassette Tape to Computer?

Audio cassettes opened up a world of portability unimaginable in the days when LPs ruled the roost. Now, however, cassette tapes have fallen by the wayside (or, in many cases, have been thrown to t... Read More »

How to transfer Hi8 tape images to my computer?

**If you have an analog (VHS) camcorder…You need an analog converter, either internal card or external such as the dazzle. It's very easy to use and come with good software. You would hook your a... Read More »

How to Transfer a Video Tape to a Computer?

Video from tape recorders and camcorders transfers to a computer hard drive through a video capture card. The card connects to a PCI slot or USB or Firewire port in your computer and records analog... Read More »

What do I need to transfer tape recordings to my computer from a camcorder?

I like to tell you a fact, something many does not know because of marketing gimmicks.Your camcorder is an analog electronic camcorder and not a digital camcorder. Digital camcorders are those whic... Read More »