How do you transfer videos from a VCR tape to a computer?

Answer You need a video card with a composite (video) input; you also need video editing software; then you play the videotape and record it onto the computer.I hope this helps. I got it from an IT geniu... Read More »

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How can I transfer music from a Cassette tape to my computer?

How to Transfer Cassette Tape to Computer1.Get your supplies together. You have several options. See the “Supplies You'll Need” section below for a list of these.2.Rewind or fast-forward your c... Read More »

How do you transfer videos from computer to CD?

If its from itunes, right click and copy the video, open library-music-itunes-itunesmedia-music then it will come up with the singers, paste into anywhere ontop of a singer and scroll to the bottom!

How do I transfer videos from a camcorder to a computer?

Firewire is a lot faster.I would recommend it.If you're using a windows then you would have to use Movie Maker.It will say transfer file from camera or device.Click and then it will bring up a wind... Read More »

How can I transfer videos from my iPhone 4 to my computer?

Well you can upload them or send the videos to ur email check your email on your computer and then save the videos to your computer. XD