How do you transfer iPhone apps and downloads to ipad2?

Answer They use the same operating system and can run many of the same apps. Using iCloud, you can share the same data over the net. They are separate computers, so they are not integrated in the sense of... Read More »

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How do you transfer apps from itunes to iphone 4 without losing other apps on allready on iphone?

Can iPhone or iPad apps be created on an Ipad2?

New iPads that come with iOS 5 do not require a computer to setup your iPad. If it's older than iOS 5 then yes you need a computer for setup.

How do you transfer all apps videos and songs from an iPhone 3GS to an iPhone 4?

IF you have a computer and have installed itunes on it (no duh you wouldn't have apps with out i tunes:P) all your apps, videos and songs SHOULD be saved on i tunes so just sync the iphone 4 2 itun... Read More »

How do you transfer iPhone apps from computer to iPhone?

Assuming you already have iTunes installed on your computer, connect your iPhone to your computer using your iPhone/USB port cord and then start up iTunes. If you aren't immediately presented with ... Read More »