How do you transfer a number from a Blackberry Curve phone to the iPhone 4S?

Answer It depends on the cellphone provider. If its the same they'll usually offer to do so with a small machine. No matter the state of the phone. If you bought them with different providers you might ju... Read More »

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How do you transfer data from blackberry curve 8300 to the iPhone 3g?

What phone is better iPhone or blackberry curve 8900?

i have a blackberry and i love it but i would like an iPhone eventually i think both phones are as good as each other. People have different opinions on different things but i think you can get mor... Read More »

I need to transfer my address book from my blackberry to my iphone and I don't have Outlook Express. I can back up my blackberry but cannot see to transfer to my iPhone Any ideas?

How to Transfer Music From an iPod Nano to a BlackBerry Curve?

In order to transfer music from an iPod Nano to a BlackBerry Curve, you need to first use an iPod-copying program to rip the music from the iPod Nano, and then use the BlackBerry Media Sync program... Read More »