How do you transfer a music video onto facebook?

Answer This is how you get music videos to facebook. Go to the song you want, then click on share and click on facebook.

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How to Transfer Video Onto the Computer?

Video and editing technology continues to advance. You can now record video on your camera, transfer it onto a computer, and use editing software to make your own videos without needing to get the ... Read More »

How do I transfer video recordings onto dvd?

Transferring video recordings to DVDClick "Start" in Windows and select "Windows Media Player" when the drop-down screen appears. Click the "Burn" tab. Insert your blank DVD-R into the DVD burn dri... Read More »

How to transfer camcorder video onto computer?

Ok well first you will need something called a DV to Firewire cable. You will need a firewire port somewhere on your computer. If you have an ipod, then that is the end that you will need, one with... Read More »

How can I transfer a video cassette onto a DVD with my DVD/VHS player?

If it's something you recorded off a television broadcast, or a home video you taped with your camcorder or whatever, then get yourself a can pick a cheap one up for around 80 bu... Read More »