Can you train a puppy?

Answer It is important that a dog begins training as a puppy, during its crucial socialization and juvenile stage. Start with simple commands such as "sit" or "lay down," and use dog food to reinforce the... Read More »

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How to Train Your Puppy?

Puppies are cute and fun, but that doesn't mean easy to care for. Aside from feeding, grooming, exercising, playing with, taking to the vet, and all the other things you must do with a puppy, one o... Read More »

How to Train Your New Puppy?

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How to Train an Insecure Dog With a New Puppy?

While most dogs enjoy puppies, some become overwhelmed, withdrawn or even aggressive towards a new puppy. Insecure dogs often lack socialization and training and have a difficult time adjusting to ... Read More »

How to Train a Vizsla Puppy?

The Vizsla is a short-haired hunting dog of Hungarian descent whose history dates back several centuries. It is a trainable and obedient dog that develops a deep attachment to its owner. Adult Vi... Read More »