How do you track someone who is driving a car with google ?

Answer you can track a car with gps chips or you can install tracker app on the cell of the driver.

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If someone driving faster than you is an idiot then why is it someone driving slower a moron~~~~~~~~~~~~?

Driving fast obviously increases the risk of accidents, and people who do it are idiots.And anyone driving slower than the speed limit IS a moron. It creates traffic and frustrates people.Stick to ... Read More »

Can someone track down your address/track your location with your cellphone number?

Who are we talking about here - your wife or the authorities? Your wife can track your current location only if you installed software on your phone to allow tracking and that only to a cell, not d... Read More »

Can someone track you down with Facebook?

no, and even with an IP address you still wouldnt be able to track them down without a court order

Can I use a gps watch to keep track of someone with Alzheimer's?

I looked extensively into the whole GPS tracking thing the first time my dad took off and we had to call the police to find him.Unfortunately, there isn't much out there. Most of the so called GPS... Read More »