How do you track daily food exchanges for diabetes?

Answer If you have diabetes, you know you always have to make sure you eat the right amount of certain kinds of calories to maintain the correct blood sugar. One easy way to do this is to use a food exch... Read More »

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How do I track daily food exchanges for diabetes?

Eating right is important for everybody, but for diabetics it is crucial. Maintaining a proper diet not only ensures that you get all the nutrients you need, it also helps to regulate and control ... Read More »

GPS units...Can a "big brother" keep track of your daily moves?

A standard GPS unit is a receiver only and do not transmit their position.

Gestational diabetes....what do you eat on a daily basis and what time do you eat please answer!! =)?

I have Type 2, not gestational, but here's a sample meal plan:Breakfast: 2 fried eggs in butter and 2 slices of bacon OR 3-egg omelet with spinach and goat cheese cooked in butter with coffee, 1 Sp... Read More »

Can anyone with gestational diabetes please tell me what their daily diet is like Help newly diagnosed!?

Weight reduction with diet* Avoid single high concentrated meals.* Small frequent meals.* Food high in fibre content like vegetables, whole pulses, fruits, etc.Ideal combination of diabetic diet sh... Read More »