How do you tone your arms and back while pregnant?

Answer Answer No one should ever start any new excerise regiment while being pregnant, without a doctor's consent/advisement. Please call him/her and discuss with them at your next pre-natal visit.

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What are some exercises i can do to tone my arms?

pushupschin upsbicep curls - hold a small weight and let hand at your sides, slowly lift the weight while keeping the elbow tucked in to your side and not moving. go slooooowwww - 5 seconds up ... Read More »

Easy exercise to tone up your arms?

What exercises can I do at home to tone my arms?

Dumbbell bicep concentration curls (for your biceps)Dumbbell hammer grip curls (for your biceps and your forearms)Dumbbell overhead extensions (for your triceps)Dumbbell shoulder extensions (for y... Read More »

What can I do to tone my arms and legs Please help 10pts?

depends are you skinny? or normal just want to tone them?