What was the name of the tv time travel series with the kid who spot back in time on a trip with school and was hunted there by somebody who wanted to go and travel to the future?

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What was the name of the tv time travel series that used to be aired on ITV-Childrens tv about a scientiest with her motorbike that could time travel?

The series was called "Time Riders", it starred Haydn Gwynn as the scientist, who accidently transported a boy from 1835 to the present, before having to flee with him to the past. The series was s... Read More »

What was the name of the sci-fi tv show where a group of people who preserved the past by making it happen the way history says it happened with the use of a time sled to travel back in time?

I cannot recall a time sled- but the program known as the Time Tunnel was on ABC as I recall for a while. They used a lot of rehashed footage from old pictures and new insights on, for example the ... Read More »

How to Account for Travel Time with a Job?

Traveling for business can add variety to your job and enable you to visit interesting places. If you're lucky, you may even be able to arrange to stay for two or three extra days so you can explor... Read More »

How much time in the air does it take to travel 8,000 miles?

An average passenger jet airliner, like a Boeing 747, travels at Mach 0.855, or 570 mph when cruising. This speed means it would take about 14 hours to travel 8,000 miles.Source:Boeing website