How do you tie dc shoes without the knot showing?

Answer You knot them right behind the flap of the shoe. Which would be the opposite side of where they are normally tied. Do not tie them in a bow. Just double knot them behind the flap, but not too tight... Read More »

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How do I remove my super glued shoes from the ceiling without damaging either the ceiling paint or my shoes?

You're going to need to touch up your paint no matter what.If it's a painted wallboard ceiling, hopefully the paint will give way and come right off but it might also tear up the wallboard a little... Read More »

How to Use Pre Wrap As a Headband Without Tying a Knot?

Ever wonder how female soccer players keep a thin headband in their hair? They use pre-wrap (also called prewrap, underwrap, M-Wrap, or pre-taping foam). Pre-wrap was designed to be used underneath... Read More »

How to Eat Cupcakes Without Showing Bad Manners?

Cookie monster cupcakeHave you ever ate a cupcake and got yelled at for using bad manners. Well you came to the right place. This article will help you! Now you can eat in peace, you dont have to g... Read More »

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