How do you tie a baby to your back with just a length of cloth African style?

Answer from my sister-in-laws they have told me that you tie it tightly like you do a bend down so the baby lies on you with his legs wrapped around you and his forehead rests on your back just ... Read More »

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How to Style Almost-Shoulder-Length African-American Hair?

Due to the fact that African-American hair is typically coarser and thicker than most other hair types, people believe it is difficult to style. However, this type of hair is actually quite versati... Read More »

How can I grow mid-back length African American hair?

Try this!…This is what worked for me :)

Do you remember back in the day when we could tan with baby oil on our skin...just frying it....♥?

we used to oil up with baby oil, and also some sort of cocoa butter stuff which i can't remember the name of. some sort of coconutty smelling stuff.... i don't have any lasting effects from it, i'm... Read More »

Interior design question. my house is a ranch style. no back door to yard just side door with long narrow walk?

I think your only option is to do some sort of wrap-around deck or elevated patio from the side door. I'm not sure if the side door is on the same side of the garage, but if it is, you could exten... Read More »