I'm pretty sure i have perocoronitis... i think how you spell it..?

Answer For your 1st question: Yes, you can try to take the antibiotics but if your unsure about trusting them, take pain killers. But, since your doctor/dentist has already perscribed you them, I don't th... Read More »

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I know this is stupid but what key is a heifin i think that's how you spell it ?

The hyphen is on the top row, between 0 and =. You don't need the shift key. Shift + - is the underscore _If you type is without spaces either side, it's called a hyphen. If you use spaces either s... Read More »

Who do you think be in the final of big brother 9 UK i think it should be Kat Darnell Rex Mohammed Rachel?

You mean the series finale. I think anyone who doesn't drink, smoke or swear.

I think I should get a new collection of Red dresses...what do you think?

no problem to have new collection, but you need classy & sexy dresses, don't know why I felt that dress doesn't suit you....Z

Do you think i have diabetesor think i should get tested?

You should be tested. You seem to know the symptoms. But the same symptoms could be something else too. You cant always tell you have diabetes by the symptoms. If you are dehydrated, you would be t... Read More »