Is Michael Jackson a Christian, Do you think he went to heaven?

Answer If God is as forgiving as everyone believes him to be ( which he is) then Michael Jackson went to heaven whether he be Jewish or catholic etc.. R.I.P.Its funny how a lot of people here is pointing ... Read More »

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MJ FANS: How do you think MJ is reacting up in Heaven and seeing how crazy we are for him lol?

Hes probably thinking wtf is up with these crazy ar-se people?! And laughing his head off!Ok people this was a Q aimed at MJ FANS why the hell have you haters clicked on it pee off and go and get laid

How to Get to Heaven (Christianity)?

There are a lot of misconceptions among Christians on how to get to heaven. Some believe they can get to heaven through doing good deeds, while others may believe that simply going to church every ... Read More »

Will you go to Heaven?

I don't understand, do you think God needs a home theater? Maybe Satan could use one! Otherwise you are violating the community guidelines and should be considered a spamer!!!Put you comment, ( bec... Read More »

If i kill my self did i go to heaven?

you would not go to heaven or hell dear . You would stay in limbo for the rest of eternity. If that's where you'd rather be but I would think one or the other would be better than limbo. Why are y... Read More »