What were ''homelands'' For what reason did the South African government say it created homelands. Why do you think it created homelands?

Answer Many black families were forced to move to poor rural areas that were called Homeland. African government says it created homelands to stay separate with white and there were few jobs or resources ... Read More »

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What do you think of the song I've created?

What do you think of Google earth?

I think it's awesome. I can explore the world without spending anything. It makes me want to see it for myself one day =)

Do you think google earth is addictive?

Do you you think technology will eventually destroy the earth?

If you had asked me this 10,000 years ago I would have said yes however the events of March 15 2006 changed my mind forever. It all started when I was walking down by the river park, where the pedo... Read More »