How do you think I should cut my hair pic included?

Answer I really like your hair, I don't think a full fringe would look right on you? I think a side fringe that is quite heavy would look great on you!

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"Pic included"Girls do you think i should get more muscle or what should i do in order to look better ?

R u freakin kidding me u look 15 mabey younger either your kidding or ur married at 15 or your not married and you just want know anyway your perfect the way you are

Do you think i should get contacts {pics included}?

Get contact and straighten your hair:)I know the hair wasent part of the question, but i think it would look nice=)

What colour should i die my hair (PICSS INCLUDED) Should i go lighter or darker?

You would look nice with a lighter shade of your natural hair color. Chestnut, maybe?And subtle highlights would be pretty, too. =]

Do you think short hair will look good on me Pics included?

wow if is really really bad, do it short but not so short you can do what i did, cut it to the shoulders and then the next month i went back to get rid of the rest of the maltreated hair...somethin... Read More »