How do you test for the influenza virus?

Answer Because the flu can often mimic other illnesses, some doctors prefer to test their patients to see if they are truly suffering from the flu. If the patient falls into a high-risk category, getting ... Read More »

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What is the influenza virus?

Influenza (flu) results from a viral infection that affects your respiratory system. This illness tends to come on suddenly. In most cases, people recover with no problems, but in certain populatio... Read More »

What is the hemophilus influenza virus?

The haemophilus influenza bacteria (Hib) used to account for the bacterial meningitis cases in the United States, according to Alan Greene. However, since the introduction of a vaccine for Hib in 1... Read More »

How do new strains of influenza virus evolve?

genetic mutation, and horizontal gene transfer

Discuss the role of genome plasticity in the influenza virus virulence.?

From the journal NATURE, The discovery of an apparent DNA-RNA hybrid virus blurs the boundaries between two major groups, and shows that recombination could be an important route of virus evolution... Read More »