How do you test for brain cancer?

Answer Brain cancer can be a debilitating illness; its symptoms are widespread and are not specific to this illness. Common symptoms of brain cancer are: headache, weakness, clumsiness and difficulty walk... Read More »

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Is brain cancer and a brain tumor the same thing?

Interesting that you bring this up.Primary brain malignancies have always been called brain "tumors" rather than "cancer of the brain."Yet many are clearly cancerous, locally invasive, progressing ... Read More »

How to Prevent Brain Cancer?

Brain cancer is an attack of small tumors on the brain. Doctors do not yet understand the major causes of the primary tumors. Those tumors begin to grow and spread until the cancer has taken over t... Read More »

Causes of brain cancer?

The mobile phone is the biggest one today, then after that is radiation, these are the major causes of the past ten years, it will be difficult to get information on this.

Is brain cancer hereditary?

On One Hand: Family History Influences RiskBrain cancer is not hereditary in the usual sense of the word, meaning that it is not passed directly through the generations. However, the Mayo Clinic re... Read More »