How do you test for bipolar or other disorders?

Answer Bipolar disorder and other mental health conditions are difficult to diagnose, and there are no medical tests that can be offered that will definitively point to any one of them. Mental health diso... Read More »

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Bipolar Disorders & Signal Analysis?

Many people have clear symptoms of bipolar disorder. They have the usual cycles of mania and depression that define the disorder. In others, bipolar disorder is harder to diagnose.

Is there a preimplantation genetic test for bipolar?

As of February 2010, Psynomics is the only company offering bipolar genetics testing. The test will only screen symptomatic individuals and not those seeking to determine the likelihood of developi... Read More »

How to Be a Good Student With Autism or Other Special Needs Disorders?

Do you want to be the best student in class, in school, in the country, or in the entire universe BUT have special needs? It can still happen :) I'll show you. This is also for normal kids; go spe... Read More »

Anyone know about foam mattress toppers, and their links to joint, thyroid, birth defects and other disorders?

It's definitely something to investigate/ research more in depth. I know that I have some inexplicable issues lately, that might relate to that. Insomnia, joint pains, reddish and swollen face afte... Read More »