How do you tell your parents your sister did something bad?

Answer Don't get into the habit of being a tattle tail over everything your sister does. If she is doing drugs; sneaking out late at night or something that may hurt her then you tell your mother what is ... Read More »

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How can I explain to my parents that I really don't get along with my sister because she's so weird?

Your parents are well aware that you and your sister don't get along and it's called 'sibling rivalry.' It's common with two sisters or a brother and sister, but, as you grow older you will probabl... Read More »

Your parents are willing to give up custody of you and your sister wants to take you. Is this possible?

Your sister will need to be appointed by the appropriate court. With your parents' consent it should go fairly easily.

Why don't my parents do anything when my little sister and her friends annoy me?

Parents never tell my little sister/brother and her mates off when they are annoying me because parents either feel embarrased to shout at your little sister/brother in front of her friend or that ... Read More »

What do you call your sister whose parents adopted you?