How to Love Your Race?

Answer Do you ever just wish you were different? Well, you shouldn't, because embracing yourself and your race is part of accepting who you are. Here's how.

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Is it possible for an adoptee to love their adoptive parents as much as their biological parents?

I understand why you're asking, but all of these questions are... off.I love my adoptive parents. I will never stop. But do I love them more than my wife? Do I love my wife more? What about my... Read More »

Would it be odd to see a mixed race person in Switzerland?

There are people from many nations here, especially in the Geneva area with its UN offices. In the larger cities it is very common to see Asians, Blacks, mixed race etc. and nobody really cares. It... Read More »

When did they stop putting a person's race on their birth certificate?

The composition of birth certificates is determined by individual states. The majority of states do record the racial background of both parents. Information regarding race is recorded to provide r... Read More »

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