How do you tell your parents you deserve the biggest room?

Answer You don't tell them, you ask and have a good reason as to why you think you deserve the biggest room. Usually the oldest gets the biggest room by the way.

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Is there an exception for government assistance for a couple who are both 17-years-old and pregnant when there is no room for them at either parents' home and their parents do not want them?

Answer I was 16 when I found out I was pregnant. I know it is hard. I guess my first thing is are you sure you are ready to live with the babies father?? It is really hard on a young couple with a... Read More »

Should you let your kid have the biggest room?

No. Your child needs to learn that they aren't more important than others in the house. That the parents have a status that gives them the biggest room. To give a child everything he/she wants is a... Read More »

What is your biggest pet peeve that you see other parents do?

Hearing parents screaming and swearing at their kids. It actually makes me feel sick. One idiot of a woman was doing this the other week when I was waiting for the bus, she said something like, "... Read More »

Adoptive Parents, what do you believe to be the biggest misconception about you/other Adoptive Parents?

Wow. Fantastic question. I would echo what the other APs have said on here.That we did something illegal or evil by adopting.That our motivations were either to be saviors, or to be trendy.That w... Read More »