How do you tell your parents you are pregnant if you are under eighteen?

Answer Answer Wait until they are well rested and after a meal. Sit them down and tell them you've made a mistake. Parents like to hear a child admit fault. Then proceed to tell them you are pregnant. Ha... Read More »

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If you are under 16 and your parents are really strict how do you tell them you are pregnant?

AnswerSit down with your mother not your father since he will take it the worst. Just tell her you made a horrible mistake and how sorry you are. Tell her what it is and reassure her that it was no... Read More »

Should your 13-year-old friend tell her parents she is pregnant and should her baby's father tell his parents?

Answer In my opinion, I believe both sets of parents should be told. They're going to find out sooner or later and it would be best to find out now wether they are going to be supportive. Most li... Read More »

What should a girl who is under the age of eighteen that is pregnant do?

Help for unplanned pregnancy. See a doctor, it is confidential, or go to your local crisis pregnancy care center. They can provide help with doctors and provide knowledge on the pregnancy process.

If you tell a teacher you're pregnant can they tell your parents?

Answer Yes, they can. Chances are they will, actually. This is no laughing matter... your parents have every right to know, frankly. Answer no they have no right it should be confidential Answer It... Read More »