How do you tell your mom your pregnant if your a teenager?

Answer Think about how your parents have reacted to other situations. Try to imagine how they might respond, but remember it's impossible to really know for sure. Still, thinking about what to expect can ... Read More »

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Can a teenager have sex while pregnant?

you can have sex anytime during the pregnancy at any age, although it is thought to start labor so ya might want to hold off toward the end unless ya want it early

How do you tell a teenager she's pregnant?

My mother randomly told me to take a pee test when I was 28 weeks pregnant. I hid it very well since it was a cold season. But she was doing her monthly drug test and just decided to throw in the p... Read More »

What help can a pregnant teenager expect?

Oh now there is a great deal of places a teenager whio i s pregnant can go to for help, thee are many organizations who help them with money and will also guide them, it is no longer a thing of old... Read More »

What is the percentage of a teenager getting pregnant?

Out of 6 million pregnancies is 750 000 of them by teens.