How do you tell your mom your pregnant at 12?

Answer I would suggest waiting until it's just the two of you or ask her to set aside some time for a personal talk. When the time is right just come out and tell her - there's no leading up to this conve... Read More »

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What do you do when you want to get pregnant but your afraid about how your parents might react when you tell them that your pregnant?

Answer If you think you're mature, independent and responsible enough to have and raise a child, you should be mature enough to be able to tell your parents. If you're not, perhaps you should con... Read More »

If you are 17 and just found out your pregnant how should you tell your mom if you know she will bug out but she got pregnant at the same age what should you do?

Answer Tell her right away so the two of you can figure out what to do early, waiting can only make it much worse.Start off by saying mom I have to talk to you, I've made a terrible mistake.. and ... Read More »

If you are 13 and think you are pregnant by your 15-year-old boyfriend how do you tell your mom so she can help?

What you might want to tryI'm sure you already know that you are too young to be having sexual relations. If you haven't been able to talk to anyone about condoms and birth control now would be the... Read More »

If you are 14 and your 13-year-old girlfriend is pregnant should you tell your parents?

I think you and your girlfriend should sit down a forst of all discuss what you want to do keep the baby have an abortion or put the baby up for adoption then when you have made a decision your are... Read More »