How do you tell tertles apart?

Answer Ask the house owner

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How do you tell twins apart?

For most sets of twins, you can see differences if you look hard enough. Look for freckles (not zits!), and possibly birth marks (please refrain from saying, "You can tell them apart by that big bi... Read More »

How do I Tell Furs Apart?

Fur coats and accessories have hit an unprecedented resurgence in popularity just in the past 10 years. Though mink, fox, and rabbit are more traditionally used in women's fashion, other fur types ... Read More »

How to Tell Barcodes Apart?

Barcodes are symbols read by machines that store data. There are two types of barcode symbologies: the standard numeric symbols we see on ordinary packaging, which refer to an external database, an... Read More »

How do you tell partrige apart?

'Abode' has a couple of distinct senses: 1: any address at which you dwell more than temporarily; 2: housing that someone is living in