How do you tell parents about boyfriends?

Answer most of the time idon't tell my parentscause idk how theyregunna react!!!!!!so its kinda your callbut if u do decide to tell themsay there is this guy that likes meand i like him back and he askedm... Read More »

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How do i tell my boyfriends parents I'm pregnant?

I don't see why he can't tell his parents he's going to be a dad. That would make make more sense since he's the one making them grandparents. The 2 of you should do this and if you are very young,... Read More »

How to Tell Parents About Being Emo?

Have you ever had a time where you were gonna tell your parents about being emo but couldn't? If they are smart they will already know, but if they are not, here's how

Parents: Time to tell me about yourself.?

I have 5 letters in my name.I am 28.I am a working mom.I have a 2.5 year old named Jaxon.I don't really love my job.I, too, am the biggest crime drama fan EVER. It started with Homicide and Law & O... Read More »

How to Tell Parents About a Teenage Pregnancy?

Did you make a big mistake and know you have to tell your parents? Well, here's how!