How do you tell if your baby is mixed?

Answer Well there is two ways... 1. depends on whether you slept with someone with the opposite race2. when the baby is born look for the ethnic genes eg. nose and eyes

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When a mixed baby is born what color is the baby?

They will be the same color as the white parent or a little bit darker and as they grow they be in between the two parents. I hope this hepls you understand more.

Is a mixed baby black or white?

think about it if itz a MIXED baby its both black and white!!!!i should know i got 4 of themIf it grows up to be a president...

My mom mixed baby cereal with my formula when I was only 3 weeks old.?

when my oldest son was born, in the 70s they said to give him cereal at 3 weeks and he did. Also was on formula he has a weight problem for decadesMy younger son who I breastfed till he was a presc... Read More »

My pregnant daughter is in her third trimester and have been told that the baby's cells are mixed in her blood. What are those dangers and what does it mean?

AnswerI hope that she has the Rh factor or was given an injection of this because if the baby has the Rh factor in its blood and your daughter doesn't then this could cause major complications. Tal... Read More »