How do you tell if you have a hairline fracture?

Answer Well sorry to say only by X-ray. Glad the swelling went down quickly lots of vessels there and sometimes the bleeding is fierce. Black eyes and all. Now with that said, not much to do about it eith... Read More »

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Do I have a hairline fracture in my hand?

Yes, you might have a hairline fracture in your hand

Hairline Fracture Symptoms?

Hairline fracture in wrist?

It does sound like a hair line fracture to me. Often with fractures, surrounding muscles can be stretched or even torn (especially if you twisted a certain way). It's up to you if you would want to... Read More »

Hairline fracture Please answer!?

there are many tiny bones that can be displaced or fractured in the wrist. There is no way of knowing if your injury will heal without going for an x-ray. Since your hands are vital to almost every... Read More »