How do you tell if you have a Virus?

Answer If strange activities occurs, like popups and things running without your permission, that's usually the sign of virus attacks. Though there are a few that will go undetected as they obtain person... Read More »

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If you have firewall and antivirus are you safe from virus if not how can you do virus check ?

I have that and also Mozilla. It seems to weed out a lot of questionable stuff.

Good virus scanner i have a computer virus!!?

SPYBOT SEARCH AND DESTROY hope that helps you it did me.

How to Tell If My Laptop Has a Virus?

It is possible for a virus to infiltrate a laptop without the user becoming immediately aware of the intrusion. This can happen if the laptop doesn't have an anti-virus application, or if the appli... Read More »

How Can I Tell If My HP Laptop Has a Virus?

Virus diagnosis is tricky business. Odd behavior alone isn't enough evidence to say you have a virus - you'll also need pop-ups or changes in behavior. If your computer is new, you may just be gett... Read More »