How do you tell if an egg is fresh?

Answer Here's How: . Fill a deep bowl or pan with enough cold tap water to cover an egg. . Place the egg in the water. . If the egg lies on its side on the bottom, the air cell within is small and it's ve... Read More »

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In USA, what do you mean by saying "Fresh Food, Fresh Meat, Fresh vegetables"?

Fresh usually denotes 'unprocessed food that hasn't been around long enough to have turned bad. Even "fresh from the vine' doesn't mean it was picked that day. On the contrary, Americans statistica... Read More »

Hi I'm a guy of 25 yrs old please tell me what should i do to keep my face so fresh and attractive......?

1. Make sure to wash your face everyday, twice a day.2. Don't overwash, that can stretch your skin and leave wrinkles, as well as add unnecessary oils to your skin or dry it out.3. Always use oil-f... Read More »

Why does everyone resort ot frozen or tinned veg and not fresh Fresh is the best?

How do you cook fresh artichokes I've never used fresh ones.?

i love whole artichokes, but not very many people do so be warned. the first time i served them to my husband, he just stared at his plate for a couple minutes and poked at it, before he asked wha... Read More »