How do you tell if a pecan is ripe before cracking?

Answer shake it if you hear a nut inside it is ripeANSWER:That's funny. The pecan has 2 separate shells on it. The first splits into four or five sections exposing the hull of the pecan that we harvest. W... Read More »

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When i pull on my ear lobes it makes a cracking sound (like cracking your knuckles sound)?

You have an ear infection. you should go to the doctor though because it might be more serious.

When are avacados too ripe?

The Hass website states that brown spots indicate that the avocado is overripe. You can cut these oxidized spots away and eat the rest of the fruit as long as the avocado doesn't smell rancid.Sourc... Read More »

How to Tell if a Pineapple Is Ripe?

How do you tell when a pineapple is ripe and tasty? Many of us have experienced the rapidly deteriorating pineapple or the under ripe pineapple. If you want to get it right, there are some little t... Read More »

When is rhubarb ripe?

It's pie filled with rhubarb, which is a sweetish plant