How do you tell if a pecan is ripe before cracking?

Answer shake it if you hear a nut inside it is ripeANSWER:That's funny. The pecan has 2 separate shells on it. The first splits into four or five sections exposing the hull of the pecan that we harvest. W... Read More »

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How can you tell if a strawberry is ripe & what kinds of flowers are on the vine before it becomes ...?

Strawberries are ripe when they turn red. The flowers look like this:…

How can you tell if melons are ripe?

Generally, you can tell if a melon (growing from the garden) is ripe when the stem turns brownish in color.

How to Tell if a Pineapple Is Ripe?

How do you tell when a pineapple is ripe and tasty? Many of us have experienced the rapidly deteriorating pineapple or the under ripe pineapple. If you want to get it right, there are some little t... Read More »

Can Asian pears be picked before they are ripe?

Asian pears should not be picked before they are ripe. Unlike European pears that are harvested before they are ripe, Asian pears need to ripen on the trees. They change color and develop sweetness... Read More »