How to Tell if a Red Wag Fish Is a Boy or Girl?

Answer "Red wag" is a term relating to two kinds of community aquarium fish. The swordtail and the platy both produce red fish with solid black tails. Both of these types of fish are referred to as a red ... Read More »

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How do I tell male fighting fish from female fighting fish?

Color DifferencesYou can tell the difference between male fighting fish and female fighting fish by looking at their colors. In this species (known as the betta fish) the males are very colorful, w... Read More »

How to Know If Your Fish Is a Girl?

Unregulated breeding can quickly overwhelm an aquarium's capacity and kill your fish. To prevent overpopulation, you must be able to identify the sex of your fish so you can make sure that the male... Read More »

How Do You Tell If a Fish Is Male or Female?

Most hobbyists, whether because they plan to breed their fish or because they simply like to know, want to be able to tell whether their fish are male or female at some point. Determining the gende... Read More »

How do I tell if a fish is a female or male?

Size and ColorFemale fish tend to be larger and less flashy than their male counterparts. For example, guppy males are often brightly colored, have long fins and small bodies, while a guppy female ... Read More »