How do you tell if a camera is water proof?

Answer drop it in the bathtub...if it works after...well then its pretty waterproof

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What is the best water proof video camera?

I think there's one but its really expensive and in Japan

Does anyone know where I can a quality yet inexpensive water proof case for a Sanyo Xacti CG6 Digital Camera?

The store that sold you this POS seems to have all the answers, ask them.

Want to video w my camcorder on a boat... how do i watr proof my camera w/o buying expensive watr proof case?

I did made one by using ziplock bag and used UV filter of larger size attached with step up ring to madke a lens window.It was splashproof.But we will need to wipe filter often

What do I do to water proof?

The first thing we need to do is create a path for the water that keeps it far away from your foundation. Regardless of the waterproofing technique, standing water will find a way inside. If there ... Read More »