How do you tell if a baby has asthma?

Answer Exclusively breastfed babies rarely have diarrhea. If there is a change in frequency or consistency of stool doctor should be consulted. Maternal medication may also cause diarrhea. Infective diar... Read More »

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Can a 5 month old baby get asthma?

You should check it out with your doctor, but I'm pretty sure it's possible. I have a friend who has a son who's had asthma since he was under a year old.WE JUST FOUND OUT THAT OUR 5 MONTH OLD DOES... Read More »

How do you tell teachers your having an asthma flare-up?

How do you know if your baby is born with asthma?

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My avatar is a picture of my youngest Riley Michael. It was taken this past Saturday & he's almost 9 months old. I made my husband grab the camera because he was making the cutest expressions while... Read More »