How do you tell a child about divorce?

Answer If the parents are still friendly, let them sit down together and speak with the child. If the parents are on bad terms with each other then the best thing to do would be buy a book for your child!... Read More »

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How do you tell a normal child about a special needs child?

With understanding. If this person is important to you, you might discuss it with them, or with a professional who could give you some insight into ways to handle your friend's swings.

Laws About Moving With a Child After a Divorce?

When parents divorce, one parent may wish to relocate with the children. Most states require the custodial parent petition the court to get permission to relocate. The parent must make sure she has... Read More »

How to Tell a Child About an Absent Parent?

Dad gone to defend the peace somewhere else in the world? Mom off analyzing penguins in Antarctica? What is the best way to inform your young ones when you're the partner left behind to care for th... Read More »

How to Tell a Child About a Same Sex Relationship?

Everything and every conceivable concept does have age-appropriateness boundaries. Telling a child about a same gender relationship is going to depend upon the age, and to a degree, the maturity le... Read More »